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  • What are the symptoms of a disc hernia?
  • How do we treat disc hernia, short of the OR?
  • How do you (and we) decide that it's time for surgery?
  • A bit about the history and evolution of this operation
  • What does the surgeon do?
  • Do you have to have your disc hernia removed?
  • Is there a big rush?
  • Is there an alternative to surgery?
  • What's the upside, the benefit, in having surgery?
  • What are the risks? Are there complications?
  • What are the odds of success?
  • What will you feel when you wake up?
  • When are you ready to go home?
  • Getting home
  • The first few days after surgery
  • What can you do to make it heal better, or worse
  • The first few weeks after surgery
  • Weeks 3 to 6, and a word about reinnervation
  • Weeks 6 to 12, if you need them
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