Function, or a bit about how your back works
A Few Words About Pain
Common Threads in Spinal Surgery
What, Again?
Future Stuff
Last Words
Site Map

  • All about fusion surgery
  • The difference between fusion and instrumentation
  • Why is spinal instrumentation a big issue?
  • The scoop on spinal instrumentation systems - Legal issues
  • Fusion - When should we do it?
  • Fusion - How (where within your spine) should we do it?
  • A word about the bone graft
  • How do we treat you short of the OR?
  • What does the surgeon do?
  • Posterior fusion - The operation
  • Posterior surgery - What happens after?
  • Anterior surgery - The operation
  • Anterior surgery - What happens after?
  • What are the risks? Are there complications?
  • What are the benefits, the odds of success?
  • What can you do to make it heal better, or worse?
  • The first month after surgery
  • Months two to four
  • Months five through eight or so
  • Your spinal future as a fusion patient
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